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Facebook Popularity Continues to Decline Among Teens

facebook popularity

If your business considers 13- to 17-year-olds its target audience, chances are good that you're already using social media in your marketing campaigns. Facebook is undoubtedly the king right now, but several reports have shown its teen demographic slipping. For example, a Piper Jaffray report from this October showed that Facebook popularity among teens has absolutely plummeted this year.

A new report from iStrategy Labs confirms this downward trend; however, the severity of the problem and what to do about it is still quite debatable.

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Twitter Launches New Ad Service: Promoted Video

twitter promoted video

According to a new post on Twitter's blog, your Twitter stream may soon start looking a lot more like your Facebook news feed. The popular social media platform announced yesterday that they will be debuting a new ad service known as Promoted Video, which will allow brands, publishers and some verified users to share video ads directly on Twitter's platform.

While promoted video is currently only available to select publishers, some believe that it will lead to all users eventually being able to use native video on Twitter.

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Readers Hate Sponsored Content, But Netflix Did it Right

sponsored content

Sponsored content is an important part of today's native advertising strategies. Native advertising pieces are intended to fit into a publisher's platform by mimicking the qualities of the publisher. For example, native advertising on Twitter would look just like a regular Tweet. On Buzzfeed, a sponsored post might look like a numbered list intended to be shared socially - just like the majority of Buzzfeed's content. These strategies are often used as an alternative to things like banner ads, which are generally thought to be widely ignored by Internet users. However, a new study from Contently actually shows that most users have a deep distrust of sponsored content.

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New YouTube Message Fuels "ISP Blame Game"

youtube message

Last week we reported how net neutrality issues could have a profound impact on both Internet marketing and the way users access specific websites. One issue that's brought net neutrality into the limelight involves streaming video services arguing that Internet service providers are responsible for lagging playback.

Last month, an ongoing battle between Netflix and Verizon resulted in the streaming service displaying a now-removed message on slow videos, stating "The Verizon network is crowded right now. Adjusting video for smoother playback." YouTube now shows a similar message.

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Small Internet Businesses Could Suffer Without Net Neutrality

net neutrality

The issue of net neutrality, or an "Open Internet," is a growing topic of debate that many have likely heard of but might not know much about. When considering the fact that net neutrality might come to an end, it becomes clear that this is an issue every Internet user needs to pay attention to, especially if they're concerned with Internet marketing.

In general, "net neutrality" refers to the concept that all data on the Internet should be treated equally by Internet service providers (ISPs), rather than ISPs being able to discriminate or filter data based on content, platform, financial issues or any other factor.

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